Around 2 a.m. Sunday New Bern received a request for mutual aid in Jones County due to the rapid swelling of the Trent River.

The waters were rising approximately 12 inches per hour at a time when most people were asleep. Affected were residents in Pollocksville & Trenton.

About 65 percent of city utility customers now have their power back on in New Bern. Utility crews are steadily making progress on outages.

Sewer inundation remains an issue for some residents in areas along N.C. 55, in Kings Row, in Trent Shores, parts of Trent Woods, Pembroke, and Oaks Road northeast to the river.  SEE MAPS HERE.  Water conservation is recommended.

The sewer system was inundated with storm surge.  Continual discharge into the system, including taking showers and flushing the toilet, could result in a sewer backup inside your home.

The National Guard has brought in 50 additional men and women to help with hurricane Florence’s aftermath.  Additionally, several recovery operations including Baptist Men’s & Samaritan’s Purse are here gearing up for hurricane recovery.   Check their websites or social media pages for volunteer opportunities.

Several businesses are open and equipped with storm relief options: Academy Sports will be open until 4 p.m. and has grills, water, waders, rainsuits, etc. (while supplies last).

Planet Fitness is open until 8 p.m. Sunday for the public to come by and shower.  There are no fitness facilities available, only the locker rooms.  You must bring your own hygiene items and towels.

Requests have been made to FEMA for temporary housing.  Inspectors are out doing damage assessments.  A curfew remains in effect until 7 a.m. Monday.

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