Joshua Hardee

Following is a first-person perspective working behind the scenes at CarolinaEast Medical Center during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Joshua Hardee, BBA/HCM, CarolinaEast Health Systems Maintenance

Whew…Where do I begin?

2020 has been one of the most trying years of my life. We lost my wife’s grandmother, and then my grandfather passed in January. My wife had surgery and I had my own health scares, along with being laid off a part-time job, and seeing the result of COVID-19 shutdown on my own small business in the Pool and Spa Industry. COVID has changed a lot, even in my role on the board with a local volunteer fire department; we’ve had to look into protection for our members and how we respond to certain incidents.

All this being said, I have observed a heartwarming team attitude develop here at CarolinaEast. We pull together and form an awesome team that can conquer any challenge.    

I have a bit of a unique perspective. My home department is Maintenance, where I am the Weekend Day Shift Maintenance Technician. I have seen how we’ve had to adapt and adjust in our department to do our part to keep the facility running.

I have also observed things from a housekeeping perspective as I’m working extra hours in Environmental Services to help out. Returning to EVS has refreshed my memory of just how close and exposed the EVS department is to this virus.

From terminal cleans, to handling soiled linen and trash that often is in bags torn open or simply untied. These awesome employees of EVS pull together on a daily basis, often times doing the work of 40 staff members with only 20.

Joshua Hardee, left, and his family.

While my perspective is primarily from a support view, I have a huge respect for our support departments here at the hospital.

Often times patients and the public rarely see those in the background who keep the lights on, heat working, rooms clean and smelling fresh, food prepared and delivered, supplies delivered and stocked, and all the many things and departments involved that allow the clinical staff to deliver the care that our patients need, and to ensure the operation of the Facility 24/7/365.

My fellow CarolinaEast team members…I salute you. We will get through this storm together and be stronger on the other side of it.

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