CarolinaEast Medical Center Emergency Department Nurse Ryan Buttner Became a patient after being exposed to COVID-19 while on the job.

He was hospitalized at CarolinaEast for over a week.

He was reunited at discharge with his wife and three children.

“What a special moment it was seeing one of our own recover from this illness and get to go home to his beautiful family. #celebratethewins #healthcareheroes #CarolinaEastStrong #familyiseverything❤️,” CarolinaEast said on its Facebook page.

Craven County, where CarolinaEast is located, has 187 active COVID-18 cases from a total of 950 infections as of Wednesday. Of those, 26 have died and 737 have recovered.

Five Craven County residents are hospitalized as of Wednesday but that does not accurately reflect the number of COVID-19 patients at CarolinaEast, which serves several surrounding counties.

CarolinaEast Medical Center Emergency Department Nurse Ryan Buttner, left, is reunited with his children after spending more than a week at the hospital being treated for COVID-19.

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