Thinking of taking a trip to New Bern, but don’t know where to stay? No problem, ask Ellie. Want more information on retirement options? No problem, Ellie can be your guide.

So, who is Ellie? Ellie is the first automated intelligence guide utilized by a destination marketing organization to navigate tourists through a town and it can be found on New Bern’s official tourism website. Seconds after arriving on New Bern’s website, Ellie is set to greet web users.

“We have spent over 300 years preparing for your visit. Are you considering a visit to North Carolina’s first capital?” Ellie says.

Upon accepting the invitation, the web user is then presented with a list of common travel questions. Depending on the users’ response, the prospective or current tourist is then taken through a series of custom-built flows tailored to their question.

“New Bern’s website features so much rich content and it is easy for users to get distracted,” said Cindy King, Craven County Tourism Development Authority chairman. “This prompted us to implement Ellie. We are able to streamline the process and provide our tourists with what they want when they want it.”

Whether you are planning your trip six months out or you happen to stroll into town, Ellie makes traveling easier. Unlike other products on the market, Ellie separates itself by integrating human interaction with automated intelligence.

Throughout one month of installation, Ellie has been responsible for guiding more than 3,000 New Bern tourists throughout North Carolina’s first capital. From fueling direct bookings in hotels to providing travelers with local insight on where to eat, Ellie has earned early praise.

“When looking for a weekend getaway, we stumbled across New Bern’s website, where this cute little bear helped me book a waterfront hotel,” said Charlotte resident, Amy Hedvig. “Upon arriving in New Bern, when I returned to the website, [Ellie] was able to provide me with things to do and dinner options.”

New Bern’s Ellie is just one component of the newly launched “Try On” campaign.

Ellie provides info about New Bern hotels in this example.

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