Election Day results may affect many aspects of life in this country. But as an investor, your situation probably won’t change after the votes are counted.

Financial markets may show some politically-driven volatility, but that often happens around elections, and it typically doesn’t last long.

Still, changes in policy and new legislation may affect your investment outlook.

First, keep in mind that many campaign promises may remain as just that – promises. 

Any ultimate legislation that is enacted may differ greatly from what was proposed on the campaign trail.

Adjustments in the tax rates of capital gains and stock dividends are likely to change again one day. When that happens, you may need to look at the equities portion of your portfolio to see if you want to make some adjustments.

Other changes are harder to predict. Future legislation could affect specific industries, either positively or negatively, and influence the way you look at certain investments, but if you have a diversified portfolio that contains a broad mix of stocks, bonds and other securities, any actions affecting one particular industry probably won’t cause you to significantly adjust holdings invested in other sectors.

In any case, your main emphasis, in terms of your investment decisions, should remain on your goals and what you need to do to achieve them.

At least once each year, review your portfolio carefully to make sure your investments are aligned with your goals, whether they are short-term or long-term. Periodically, you may need to evaluate your goals to ensure they’re prioritized appropriately to help keep you on track toward achieving what’s most important to you.

Over time, your goals may change in many ways that may warrant updating your investment strategies.

Here’s the key point: You’re the one electing to make these changes. No matter what happens in this or any other election, be sure to “vote” for the strategies that have the potential for a winning outcome.

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