On March 12, the New Bern Post called for local governments to take leadership in the face of the spreading and deadly COVID-19.

They said they are going enough, denied anyone local was being tested, and said they were waiting for the state for guidance.

Within two days, Craven County had one COVID-19 case and, under a governor executive order, went to distance learning for K-12 and banned mass gatherings of 100 or more.

Meanwhile, other cities, counties, and school districts in the state WERE taking local initiative.

Waiting for cases to appear is too late. The key is prevention.

According to Dr. John Campbell, If China had responded to the crisis one week earlier, it would have reduced its death rate by 65 percent.

Here is an example of a small town taking effective action 100 years ago, during the Spanish flu.

The ONLY example of local leadership is at Craven Community College. Despite no executive orders to do so, it too switched to distance learning.

New Bern and Craven County need to stop following and start leading. Lives are at stake.

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