Duffyfield Phoenix Project, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization advocating for improvements in the physical surroundings and quality of life for residents of Duffyfield, is sponsoring a Duffyfield fall clean-up called “Yes, we care. Yes, we can. Unity in the Community.”

The three-day event will be 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 4 through Saturday Oct. 6, 2018. Volunteers need not attend all three days. Lunch and bottled water available all three days.

Basic clean-up supplies will be furnished. Volunteers are asked to bring lawn mowers and any gardening tools they may have that can be used to clean/beautify the area. After the clean-up, trash cans will be installed by the city in areas of Duffyfield where the most street trash is found.

“Just come when you can,” said organizer Anne Schout. “We just need to know how many and when.”

See the group’s Facebook page, Duffyfield Phoenix Project, Inc., for the flyer and general information about the clean-up effort.

The greater Duffyfield community is bounded by George Street, Queen Street, Broad Street, Third Avenue, part of the Duffyfield canal, and the railroad tracks.

“It is a large area, so many hands will be needed, including the residents of Duffyfield, to make this happen,” Schout said. “We are beginning a door-to-door walk through Duffyfield to ask residents to help.”

Duffyfield Phoenix Project is a board of 10 concerned citizens from all areas off New Bern that is working to make Duffyfield a better place to live. Not only are they helping clean up the Duffyfield area, they are helping homeowners with minor repairs/restorations and will be sponsoring programs for residents in the future (money management, health related issues, etc.).

“When anyone walks through the Duffyfield area, they see an area that is forgotten, neglected and in serious need of attention,” Schout said. “What was once a thriving, vibrant community is suffering the effects of years of decline. We want to change that and give Duffyfield the chance to rise like the Phoenix to new life.”


About Duffyfield Phoenix Project:

Objectives Met

  • Scheduled meetings to elect officers, wrote bylaws, defined the overall scope, and developed the mission statement.
  • Checked with Development Services to obtain their housing assessment and get a large map of Duffyfield. Did an assessment of Duffyfield to identify ownership by the present address – a) owner occupied, b) absentee landlord(rental), c) Privately held vacant lot, d) city owned vacant lot for sale, e) city owned property not listed for sale, f) mobile homes. Generated a map showing the scope of our endeavor.
  • Did assessment of storm drain, lighting and fire hydrant locations.
  • Met with the Duffyfield community to explain the Phoenix Project as well as our goals and objectives. Solicited their input to get further suggestions to ensure our work is in line with their actual needs. Gained a list of concerns from the Duffyfield community.
  • Found a temporary home at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church where we hold meetings.
  • Partner with Habitat for future home repairs/restoration.


Objectives in Progress

  • Survey all existing structures to determine which require upgrade or repair. Determine if there are properties that are beyond repair that might require demolition. Determine if these property owners want/need assistance from the Phoenix Project.
  • Plan fundraisers and mailings to raise awareness and capital.
  • Partner with the Omega Center. local banks and others to offer free workshops for the Duffyfield community emphasizing personal and community improvement. This will turn into a resource center for the whole community.
  • Set up an Adopt-a-Street program in Duffyfield.
  • Request that the city install trash receptacles throughout Duffyfield and schedule them to be emptied on a regular schedule.
  • Hold a clean-up weekend October 4 – 6, 2018 to pick up trash and remove unwanted furniture, metals, etc.
  • Find ways to have Duffyfield community needs heard through talks, media, etc. Offer free information sharing sessions to provide information about who to contact for a variety of things a New Bern citizen typically might need.
  • Repair homes where necessary, partnering with outside groups as needed.


Objectives to be Done By Duffyfield Phoenix Project

  • Work to improve the appearance of the two cemeteries. Apply for a grant to erect a brick entrance to Evergreen. Partner with churches for cleanup and maintenance.
  • Where property ownership is in question, do title searches to find all heirs and get necessary paperwork for house renovation or demolition.
  • Work with interested parties to establish a Farmer’s Market in Duffyfield.
  • Obtain grants for infrastructure and housing improvements where needed in the Duffyfield area.


Partner with City/County

  • Create a list of all areas in Duffyfield that flood. Work with city staff to find solutions that are cost effective and permanent.
  • Improve the corridors used by funeral processions to the two cemeteries in Duffyfield. Upgrade these streets so that they are more inviting and have a safe feeling.
  • Create a list of streets in Duffyfield that need either repair or repaving or both. Work with city staff for repairs/repaving.
  • Work with the city staff to strengthen/enforce existing housing ordinances so that people are encouraged to fix their properties.
  • Work with city staff to improve the function of the Duffyfield Canal and make it an asset to the community.
  • Establish transportation to grocery stores, doctors, and pharmacies. Partner with the City and County.
  • Partner with Eastern Carolina Council, Habitat and Redevelopment Commission
  • Develop a plan for Duffyfield for vacant, buildable lots by enlarging the scope of the Duffyfield Phoenix Project to include community housing development organizations that will focus on the revitalization of Duffyfield Develop a program for housing subsidies for police, firemen and teachers to live in Duffyfield.

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