I had fever, cough and body aches on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020. I had the COVID-19 test performed the next day and it was positive.

This essentially means there was evidence of COVID-1 RNA in my swab and in all likelihood my symptoms are due to COVID infection.

Where did I get it from? At this point I can only guess. COVID is so rampant now that I could have gotten it from patients in the hospital or clinic, my child, my wife, my friends, grocery store, etc.

Dr. Pradeep Arumugham is a Greenville-based cardiologist. His Facebook posts about COVID-19 are used with permission. Previous posts are here.

My symptoms: Fever, cough, body aches, chills. I have had the flu few years ago. This feels worse. Thankfully as yet I do not have any shortness of breath.

What are my risk factors? I have high cholesterol, I am 46 years old. I am a male.

What is going for me? Symptoms are still mild compared to patients. I have few risk factors. I am not that obese (I can see my toes when I stand up straight and look down). I have exercised regularly. I can still hold my breath for 2 minutes.

What am I treating myself with? Symptomatic treatment only. Tylenol and occasional Motrin for fever and pain control. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc – no clear evidence for these but not harmful.

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Rest – not exercising. Exercising in the middle of any viral infection predisposes to myocarditis and death.

I do walk slowly on the treadmill – prolonged inactivity during COVID infections can result in blood clots in the legs and subsequent blood clots to lungs.

Fluid – dehydration predisposes to blood clots.

No hydroxychloroquine – the evidence is in, it does not work despite morons.

No Remdesivir, steroids or plasma – current evidence suggests it is useful in hospitalized sick patients. No evidence as yet in outpatients.

What am I worried about? Dying – the chance is very low and I am not too worried about this. Heart attack, stroke, blood clots in lungs – possible but still unlikely.

Some patients have lost their testicles due to COVID – being a man and like most men this shit is scary. Too young to lose my sex life. The consolation prize is you can still have sex without testicles.

All jokes aside, in all honesty I am not that worried because I am reasonably healthy and normally should not end up in trouble.

On to education

  • NC Total lab confirmed cases – 297,442
  • Hospitalization – 1,230
  • Total deaths – 4,660
  • Confirmed case fatality rate – 4660/297442 = 0.016 = 1.6%
  • US Total lab confirmed cases – 10,252,129
  • Total deaths – 239,671
  • Confirmed case fatality rate – 239671/10,252,129 = = 2.3%

In North Carolina

The numbers in NC and the U.S. are skyrocketing. This is due to two reasons: People being complacent about wearing masks and social distancing and the onset of cold weather.

Hospitals are getting overwhelmed again and there is a good possibility of a shut down soon.

The good news is there is a vaccine that Pfizer says is 90 percent effective. What does this mean? The study has not been published yet, so I can make only educated guesses from the report they sent out.

According to the trial’s protocol, the vaccine comes in two doses, which are given three weeks apart. The researchers waited at least seven days after the second dose had been administered to see who contracted COVID-19 in real life, assuming each group practiced comparable risk-taking behaviors.

There were 43,538 participants to date. Of those, 94 cases of COVID were reported. 90 percent effective means 85 cases in the group that did not get vaccine versus 9 in the vaccine group.

All of this sounds like good news and I hope it is true.

My concerns:

1. No evidence stated on severity of illness. Does it prevent severe illness, death etc.

2. If it is too good to be true and they go for emergency FDA authorization then it will be hard to recruit to other trials and we may very well be stuck with an inferior product.

3. They released the news letter way before the study was finished. Looks like a stunt to improve stock prices (full disclosure – I have stock in Pfizer).

Time will tell meanwhile wear the mask.

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