Phase 2 of lifted COVID-19 restrictions would allow restaurants with outdoor seating, and the city is being asked to close parts of some downtown streets to make room for street cafe setups.

At its Tuesday, May 12 Zoom meeting, the Board of Aldermen will consider the request to temporarily close portions of Middle Street, Pollock Street, and Craven Street to Vehicular Traffic.

This resolution would permit closures of one side of the 200-300 blocks of Middle Street, 300 block of Pollock Street, and the 200 block of Craven Street from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. accommodating street cafes between May 22, and Aug. 1, 2020.

Lynne Harakal, Executive Director of Swiss Bear, has requested that downtown
restaurants be allowed to close to vehicular traffic a portion of specific streets for the purpose of allowing outdoor seating for restaurants.

This action is aimed at helping the restaurants recover from the closures and reduced revenues associated with COVID-19.

Ordinances will need to be amended to allow for street cafes.

In order to facilitate the request, Chapter 66 of the City’s Code.

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