Here at Domino’s, we’re the food delivery experts. Whether you prefer a delivery handed to you at your door, left at a reception desk, or a ‘contactless’ delivery where your store’s delivery expert will leave your order safely at your front door, the Delivery Instructions box is the place to request any special directions you have for your store. At the end of the day we want you to enjoy a hot and delicious meal, regardless of how you want it delivered.

More about ‘contactless’ delivery:

1 Using the Delivery Instructions, let your store know that you would like a ‘contactless’ delivery and where you would like your order to be placed. Pre-payment and pre-tipping are options that can make your delivery more efficient.

2 One of your store’s delivery experts will notify you that your pizza has arrived.

1 Your delivery expert will place your order on a safe and clean surface in the location specified in the Delivery Instructions.

2 The delivery expert will move back to a safe distance and wait until you arrive.

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