The following is a list of all Craven County Schools COVID-19 cases that have been reported to the media.

More specific information, such as the schools affected, have not been released since the first report to protect patient privacy as required by federal law.

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So far this school year, 31 staff members and 25 students have tested positive for COVID-19.

November: 4 staff members, 15 students

  • Nov. 20 one staff and three students
  • Nov. 17 two students 
  • Nov. 10 one staff and four students
  • Nov. 9 one staff and two students
  • Nov. 4 one staff and one student
  • Nov. 2 three students

October: 13 staff members, 5 students

  • Oct. 29 two staff and two students
  • Oct. 27 three staff members
  • Oct. 19 one staff member
  • Oct. 16 one staff member
  • Oct. 12 one staff member
  • Oct. 7 two staff members
  • Oct. 5 two staff members and two students
  • Oct. 2 one staff member and one student

September: 10 staff members, 5 students

  • Sept. 30 three staff members
  • Sept. 22 one staff member
  • Sept. 16 two staff members
  • Sept. 14 two staff members and one student
  • Sept. 9 three staff members and four students

August: 4 staff members

  • Aug. 30 one staff member
  • Aug. 28 three staff members at Creekside Elementary employees (the only instances where Craven County Schools identified)
Source: Craven County Schools

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