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Early and absentee voting in Craven County on Sunday reached 92.9 percent of the total votes cast for president in Craven County in 2016.

Voter turnout for the 2020 General Election in Craven County was 60.2 percent of the county’s registered voters.

So far, 43,907 ballots have been cast in Craven County between early voting and absentee voting. Put in perspective, 47,238 ballots were cast in Craven County in the 2016 Presidential Election, including Election Day.

Early voting ended Saturday, but absentee ballots are still being delivered.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Polling places will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Any voter in line at their assigned polling place at 7:30 p.m. will be able to vote. The busiest times tend to be early in the morning and just before the polls close. Avoid longer lines by voting at off-peak times.

Among its neighbors, Craven County ranks fourth in voter turnout and is slightly below the statewide turnout of 61.6 percent. Four of the eight counties in our neighborhood topped 60 percent, including Craven, Carteret, Lenoir, and Pamlico counties.

Lenoir had the highest voter turnout at 61.2 percent. Onslow County had the lowest, at 48.1 percent.

Craven County has 72,537 registered voters out of a population of 102,139, of whom 21,868 are Democrats, 26,437 are Republicans, 23,656 are unaffiliated, 42 are Green, 43 are Constitution, and 491 are Libertarian.

With polls showing North Carolina to be a tossup in the presidential race, every vote counts.

Statewide, 4,531,466 ballots have been case for a total voter turnout of 61.6 percent. Of those, 928,433 mail-in ballots and 3,603,233 one-stop ballots were registered as of Sunday morning.

Chatham County has the highest voter turnout so far at 74.7 percent. Hyde County has the lowest turnout at 38.7 percent.

Craven County & neighbors

CountyTotal ballots castTotal turnoutBallots by mailOne-stop ballots
Data: North Carolina State Board of Elections

Region rankings by voter turnout

Data: North Carolina State Board of Elections

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