The following statement was issued by Craven County District Attorney Scott Thomas.

“I agree with the statements issued by our area Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and law enforcement officers condemning the conduct, actions and inactions of the police officers in Minneapolis. Their conduct in the death of George Floyd, documented on video, not only violates use of force policy, it violates the law.

“The independent investigation being conducted by state and federal investigators and prosecutors should be concluded quickly and appropriate charges must be filed. The facts of this case are obvious and clear.

“I have told law enforcement and prosecutors in the past that if we want to be respected, we must first show respect. I can tell you most do show respect and carry out their duties as professionals in difficult and dangerous jobs. The officers in Minneapolis did not respect the rights or life of George Floyd and they must be held accountable.

“My prayers are with the George Floyd family and our nation at this tragic time. We must all acknowledge what has happened in the past and continues and pledge to stand for justice for all.”

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