Tabari Wallace

Craven County Schools’ Tabari Wallace was named Special Adviser to the State Superintendent of Schools in the area of principal engagement.

He will report to State Superintendent Catherine Truitt at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

“Wallace has been a vital school leader in our district since 2003 when he first served as an assistant principal,” Craven County Schools said in a release announcing the change.

“He quickly demonstrated his passion for students and staff and was ultimately recognized by our district as our Craven County Principal of the Year and then the state when he was named the 2018 North Carolina State Principal of the Year.”

Wallace will continue to work closely with the Craven school system in this new role. He will have space to work at Central Services until the Department of Public Instruction returns to work in-person.

Board of Education Chairman Frances H. Boomer said, “Words cannot express our love for Mr. Wallace. Mr. Wallace has made such a tremendous impact on the West Craven community making the students at West Craven High School his highest priority. In his leadership there, Mr. Wallace helped to create a strong connection between the community and the work of the school. We are so sad to see him leave West Craven. We know that his leadership may take him to a new position, but that his heart will always be inservice to our students, our community, and this state.”

Craven Superintendent Meghan S. Doyle said, “We are beyond proud of Mr. Wallace and all that he has accomplished for our students in Craven County Schools. He will be greatly missed in our district, but we are very happy that we will have the opportunity to continue partnering with him in this new role. We are convinced that he will return to us again in the future. Mr. Wallace’s impact has already been felt beyond our county and we are confident that he willcontinue to have a positive impact locally. We congratulate him and cannot wait to see all that he accomplishes in this new position.”

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  1. Congratulations and continued blessings for Mr. Wallace.

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