Craven County passed the 500 mark for laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases at some point during the weekend, and while that may be a sobering milestone, it pales in comparison to what’s been happening in Pitt and Onslow counties, and mirrors what has happened in Beaufort and Carteret counties.

There was a daily average of 87 new, lab-confirmed cases in the eight-county region in and around Craven County over the past six days. The week prior, the daily average increase was 57. The week before that? It was 49 new cases per day. In short, the tempo is increasing.

Pitt County has been leading with the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the region since the first cases emerged in mid-March. That’s unsurprising, since it has the largest population of the region’s eight counties.

Over the past few days, it added 210 new cases, jumping past the 1,000 mark AND the 1,100 mark, with 1,173 lab-confirmed cases.

Onslow County had been somewhat of a statistical outlier. Although it has the second-highest population in the region, it occupied the No. 4 position for COVID-19 cases.

But over the past few days, it added 140 new cases and leap-frogged past Lenoir and Craven counties to occupy the No. 2 spot, behind only Pitt County. It also reported three deaths during that time period.

And Craven County? After a statistical blip caused by lab errors that saw its case count REDUCED by four, it jumped past the 500 mark over the weekend and is reporting 509 lab-confirmed cases. (Other lab errors were reported in Carteret County, as well.)

New lab-confirmed cases between July 14-19

  • Pitt County: 210
  • Onslow County: 140
  • Craven County: 57
  • Lenoir County: 14
  • Beaufort County: 43
  • Carteret County: 40
  • Jones: Unchanged
  • Pamlico County: 7

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  1. Good reporting. I hope people pay attention and do the right thing.

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