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Craven County conservatives cast doubt and aspersions on the outcome of Tuesday’s General Election, which resulted in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris unseating incumbent President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Rubbing further salt into the wounds, Democratic N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper won his reelection bid.

Citizen in New Bern is a Facebook page with more than 50,000 followers and numerous moderators, only one of whom is identified. While the content posted on it leans far to the right, many of its followers have liked the page for varying reasons. Of the 43 of my friends who like the page, I see many who I’m pretty sure voted for Biden.

That said, a majority of the comments to posts on the page lean right, as well.

Judging from its posts, Citizen in New Bern is unhappy with the outcome of the election.

One post shows a meme of an elderly man presumably a farmer. “Men in denim built our country,” it says on the overlay. “Men in suits have destroyed it.”

Another shows a painting of Thomas Jefferson with the quote, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” It got 26 shares and one comment, “Amen.”

Paradoxically, Citizen in New Bern has not exactly been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

A comment posted just before midnight Saturday said, “Folks I’m sure the election was totally legit. Because the same people that have burnt down cites and looted businesses across this country would never steal an election. 👌 And the same media that covered for them would never do it again. Peaceful protest and fair elections.”

It provoked numerous comments, including one saying, “Exactly. Wait there’s more to come. Trump set up a sting and the DNC took the bait, hook line and sinker.”

“I hope you are right. I fear for our country,” one replied.

“It will come out next week,” the poster responded.

A top fan commented, “The people finally got what they wanted, now I hope they get what they deserve.”

Moments before, Citizen in New Bern posted a screen shot of a Twitter comment from a nearby resident about the Coastal Carolina Taxpayer Association, a tea party group formed around the time President Obama was elected to his first term.

The person commented, “Just in case people aren’t aware: The ‘Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association’ is a partisan GOP, far-right extremist organization that has advocated the execution by lynching of those who oppose donald trump. Do not treat them as if they are a legitimate advocacy group.”

Citizen in New Bern commented, unironically, “Why do people post stuff like this without proof? We just believe what someone says? Post the fact …”

Under the comment, “Relax, this is not over,” Citizen in New Bern posted pictures of real newspaper front pages with the headlines, “Dewey defeats Truman,” “President Gore,” and “Madam President,” over a picture of Hillary Clinton.

Citizen in New Bern even compared the election of Biden and Harris to 9/11. It shared a post saying, “Remember that feeling you got when the second plane hit the twin towers and you realized what was going on? You should have that same feeling again right now.”

Not stopping there, Citizen in New Bern on Saturday even seemed to support violent protest, sharing an image bearing the words, “When we riot do we start at Best Buy or Target? I’ve never done this before.”

Over at Craven County Republicans, beneath a post of the statement President Trump issued on Nov. 7 questioning the validity of the election, one person commented, “Our sorry ass governor is in with these retards it was coordinated effort from all swing states governors , I don’t know a single person in nc who voted for biden this is bs.”

Frequent local GOP candidate Eric Queen made this comment on Saturday morning: “The term ‘every vote counted’ is nice but what I am really hearing from the people is ‘WE WANT EVERY VOTE INVESTIGATED’.

“Both Joe Biden and President Trump should want this in this environment,” Queen continued. “At this point the lack of trust in what is going on will cause the next President a serious problem in accomplishing anything.

“You can’t  unite country if half the population don’t think it was legit.  We saw the same thing in 2016. Remember the Russia Hoax?  All we did was change shoes.”

By Randy Foster / New Bern Post


  1. Its over. People need to move on.

  2. It must be surreal to for so many people in so many towns to be completely out of sync with the majority of America. The plot has been lost. Echo chambers of their own understanding.

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