Craven Community College (Craven CC) will resume classes Monday, Oct. 1 on the New Bern and Havelock campuses. The college has been closed since Sept. 11 due to Hurricane Florence.

“We are a resilient community and there remains a great deal of work to do as we recover from the extraordinary impact of Hurricane Florence,” said Dr. Ray Staats, Craven CC president. “Our friends, families and neighbors have already done so much in the past two weeks and there is a long journey yet ahead. A piece of this work includes restarting and making available the education and training opportunities that are vital to our students’ future success.”

College faculty and staff are implementing plans to create new course schedules that will facilitate recovering from the extended closure. The college will continue to make program and course schedule adjustments to adapt to the evolving needs of students as they unfold in the coming weeks.

Initially, Oct. 16, Nov. 9 and Nov. 21 have been designated as “make-up days” for students, staff and faculty. Additional days, including those unique to particular programs and courses, may include Fridays and Saturdays during October through December, as well as during the week of December 17-21.

The Fall “A-Term” will resume Oct. 1 as scheduled with the term now ending on Oct. 15. Students enrolled in these classes should discuss individual needs and options with individual instructors.

Students who were planning to begin classes during the Fall “Late Start” will be moved to the Fall “B-Term,” which will begin Oct. 17. This adjustment will allow students to complete these planned courses on a regular schedule with no delays or make-up dates required.

College advisors will have extended availability to provide individual assistance with registration and schedule changes. Additional resources, including academic and personal counseling that will assist students in their recovery efforts, will be announced and made available beginning early next week.

“Our students are facing unique and daunting challenges stemming from the hurricane’s devastation,” added Staats. “The college will be working with those students most impacted on an individual basis, to fully understand their needs and to create plans that will allow them to resume their progress towards completing their education goals.”

Craven Early College, Early College East and Career and College Promise (CCP) students will receive additional notifications regarding school schedules via Craven County Schools announcements. The college and school system are coordinating schedules for these students to minimize disruptions as the schools resume operating.

Additional updates will be reported through the college’s emergency notification system and social media as they are available. For updates on closures and schedule changes at Craven CC, visit

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