District 2 Craven County Commissioner Jason Jones announced Thursday he is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican.

“Please allow me to share a decision I have made,” he announced Thursday evening on his Facebook wall.

“I was raised in a Christian, Democratic home in rural Craven County where faith, family and personal responsibility came first, period. My Grandfather served in several elected capacities as a Democrat, but I witnessed his struggle in later years with some decisions being made on the national level.

The year Granddaddy ended his political service I was elected to serve the citizens of Craven County at the age of 28 and also as a Democrat. Over the years I have been blessed to receive the support of Democratic Friends, Republican Friends and Friends who have chosen not to affiliate themselves with either party.

“In the last few months particularly, I have watched the Democratic Party distance itself from the values with which I was raised. While no party is perfect in any circumstance, I honestly believe faith, family and personal responsibility are STILL the foundation for success in today’s society.

“With that being said, after much prayer and consideration, I have changed my party affiliation to the Republican Party. I felt it was time to align myself with those who support the beliefs that have been ingrained in me. Staying true to our convictions no matter the cost, is what our country was built upon. My only hope is that I serve it and its people to the best of my ability.”

Commissioner Jones, a native and lifelong resident of Craven County, was first elected to the Board of Commissioners in 2006, and served one term. He was elected again in 2014.

He represents western Craven County on the board.

He is the owner of S & J Farm located in the Asbury community, which produces soybeans, cattle, cotton and corn. Commissioner Jones is active in his church, where he serves as a Deacon, Chairman of the Administrative Board and member of the choir. He also serves on the Rescue 30 Board of Directors and the Craven County Farm Bureau Board.

Commissioner Jones is married to Jennifer Jones, a counselor at James W. Smith Elementary School in western Craven County. They have one daughter, Emily Jones, who is a student at James W. Smith Elementary School.

Commissioner Jones is also a member of the following boards:

  • Cove City Library Board
  • Craven County Health Board
  • Partners in Education


  1. I can certainly understand your reasons. I made that switch many years ago. I commend you for standing firm on your convictions of faith.

  2. Jason; I have been so proud of you for a long time now. You have become such a fine young man. May the Lord continue to bless you in the future as He has in the past. So glad that you trusted Christ at a young age. I knew that He had something special for you.

  3. God bless you , Jason. I lived in the Spring Garden / On Wintergreen Rd, for over 25 yrs. I know your grand parents well , wonderful , Christian people . I too made the same decision as you have last election , and every time I hear the news , I realize I made the right choice ! I pray for our president and country each day ! May you continue to do the county proud !

  4. Ken and I support your change! We voted for you before and will continue to do so! My dad, Earl Wright, did the exact same thing years ago. I remember when asked why he left the Democratic party, he responded “I didnt leave the democratic party, it left me.” He would definitely agree with your reasons for the switch Jason.

  5. The Republican Party has become the party of lairs, bigots, and faithless hypocrites. Jones, if you feel comfortable there, good ridden.

  6. I’ve always had a lot of respect for u. Always voting for the people not the party. Continue to do this n ur success will always be with u. God Bless.

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