News that Craven County COVID-19 spiked by 14 cases in 24 hours is shocking enough.

That these 14 new cases all came from a group of families and friends may help people to better understand how fast COVID-19 can spread under the right conditions.

What are the right conditions?

To understand that, you have to look at what experts in the field recommend to avoid catching the virus:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid crowds
  • Frequent hand washing and general good hygiene
  • Wear a mask to keep you from spreading the virus, whether you know you have it or not

The Craven County Health Department, which is legally required to protect the identities of patients, provided little information about the cluster that led to the 14 new cases.

All it said is that the group consisted of family and friends, and that after members of the group were tested, seven were confirmed infected on Tuesday, and another seven were confirmed infected on Wednesday. (It will be interesting to see if more cases are revealed later this week.)

If they were infected, you can presume that they either: ignored the recommended avoidance measures; or did a poor job of using the measures; or even if they were diligent in using the measures, they were infected, anyway.

There are a lot of people who are ignoring preventive measures, and in some cases even protesting those measures. People who fit in this category are specifically vulnerable.

There are a lot of people who are not closely following recommended preventive measures. These people may be lulled into thinking they are safe and therefore virus-free. On the contrary, they are vulnerable to both catching the virus and spreading it.

Finally, there are those who are diligent, yet catch the virus, anyway. These people may mask up and head to the grocery store, be exposed to a carrier, and bring it home, where they drop their guard and then pass it on to family and loved ones.

I hope that as Craven County enters Phase 1 of the relaxation of restrictions designed to slow the spread of the virus, that leaders and citizens realize that it is too early to think we are safe from an uncontrolled outbreak.

We are not safe. But government, from the White House to City Hall at Craven and Pollock streets, seem to be doing their best to keep this pandemic going.

That leaves you, the individual, as your last and best line of defense. No matter what anyone else says, do these:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid crowds
  • Frequent hand washing and general good hygiene
  • Wear a mask to keep you from spreading the virus, whether you know you have it or not



  1. Maybe you and hizhonor gov cooper and hernonor nc dhhs cohen should get together and practice pseudo numbers trends and disease control. NC gov already has a good start with make believe numbers and stats including those he didnt want to release until pressured.

  2. Very very succinct. Thank you. I do want to mail you a $25 check. Do I have your address ?
    Thank you , Valerie Noel Perry

  3. I have not seen this reported in the Sun Journal. This cluster in our county is concerning, especially since our sheriff has said he supports folks returning to inside church services and did not mention any restrictions or precautions. I wish we could get more public health specific information on where the cases have occurred.

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