COVID-19 cases have surged by more than 1,300 cases and 14 deaths across the eight-county region in and around Craven County over the past two weeks.

The average number of new daily cases increased by 50 percent over the previous week and the total number of deaths increased by 27 percent.

Pitt County leads the region with 1,699 cases, bringing its per capita number up to 94, which is also the highest in the region. There have been five deaths over the past 12 days.

Onslow County has also seen significant increases in cases and deaths, with 890 total cases and and four deaths over the past 12 days.

Even Pamlico County has not escaped, reporting its first death of the pandemic within the last 12 days.

Craven County has 653 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of 11:30 p.m. on July 31, 2020. There have been 10 deaths and nine are hospitalized.

Out of the 653 confirmed cases, 506 have recovered and are out of isolation.

Of the 653 cases, 12 have been related to out-of-state travel, 142 are from community transmissions, 469 are a direct contact with a previously confirmed positive, and 30 are being investigated.

A fourth Craven County skilled nursing facility reported an outbreak of COVID-19, although another facility where there was a severe outbreak reported no new cases or deaths since Tuesday.

One staff member and one patient have tested positive for COVID-19 since Tuedsay at Riverpoint Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 2600 Old Cherry Point Road in New Bern.

Local COVID-19 snapshots



  1. 653 cases but 506 have recovered so
    basic math says there are 147 active cases.

    According to NewBernSJ and Craven County
    Health, 8 of 19 cases are hospitalized.

    Of the 147 remaining casex…10 have died so
    that wod leave 146 active cases.

    And according to NC Gov curfewing alcohol
    sales at 11 pm will further reduce covid.

    All in all we should be ready (but probably will
    not) go tp phase 3 prior to election day.

    Such reasoning only a result of liberal insanity

    1. Author

      Notice the increasing gap between new cases and recovered cases in Craven County. Notice the increasing number of deaths throughout the region. Wanting to relax restrictions ignores what is happening in other states (Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc.). Such reasoning is only a result of your own politically motivated insanity.

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