On June 23, 2020, after a Public Hearing; the New Bern Board of Alderman denied a request to rezone 2409 Oaks Road from Residential R6 to Commercial C4. Only the owner of the property was in favor, and all others were opposed. A previous request to rezone this property from Residental to Commercial C3 was denied in 2019 (corrected year).

As Craven County has no zoning, the property had been used commercially in the past. When 2409 Oaks Rd became part of the City it was Zoned residential. This amounted to a promise to the community, that there will be no future commerical use. Citizens throughout New Bern pay taxes for the benefits that zoning provides. All residents of New Bern are lawfully entited to equal protection of the law.

The next two items on the agenda were essentially the same for other properties, both were denied after unamious opposition from their communities. The above is fact In my opinion spot zoning results in a windall for the property owner and the destruction of neighboods.

After the third denial a recess was called.

After the recess a motion was made to rescind the vote on Oaks Road. The motion passed after all who spoke against the change had left and with only the property owner remaining the descion on Oaks Road was rescinded.

I reccomend checking orginal sources to protect against misinformation, so view the metting here and decide for yourself.

See New Bern TV 3 Board of Alderman June 23 items 6A and 6B.

This is a perfect example of spot zoning from Residential to Commercial, which only creates a windfall for property owner, while neighboring residental properties lose value and neighborhoods go downhill.

Anyone can see Oaks Road is a fragile community, I ask you to help residents who are working to improve it.

I urged all Citizens in New Bern who care about their neighborhoods and open government, to speak at the New Bern Board of Aldernan meeting July 7 at 6 p.m., during the Petition of Citizens and also there may be a future public hearing on this matter.

You may contact members ofthe New Bern Board of Alderman here.

Mike Duffy, New Bern NC
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  1. All especially Randy

    With apologies prior request to rezone 2409 from Residential to Commerical C3 was in 2019 not 2009. Senior moment.

    Mike Duffy

  2. Thank you, Mike. I agree that spot zoning this neighborhood is not what is needed to build up this area. The residents were hard hit by Florence and the general flooding in the area. Many residents are struggling financially. To rescind a vote after the impacted residents have left is underhanded to say the least. Oak Road does need support.

  3. I wanted to ask Randy some questions about moving the StanleyShite Center and wondered if he could give me a call.

  4. Public Hearing on this
    July 14th 6pm
    City Hall

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