Craven County politically is a sea of red surrounding an island of blue, judging from results from the Nov. 3 presidential election results.

But one thing should be remembered: Nowhere is the county free of Democrats, and nowhere is the county free of Republicans.

On this, Inauguration Day, as Joe Biden becomes president and Kamala Harris becomes vice president, there are those who don’t accept that people within their own community may vote differently.

They hang with their own kind, so to speak. So often I hear people say that one candidate could not have gotten so many votes, because no one they know voted for that candidate.

Last year was my 60th birthday, and Sarah threw a party for me. I won’t embarrass my guests by outing them, but there was a mix of political ideologies.

I myself am a mixed political ideology, but I have been a registered Democrat since October 2017 after hearing my president call me and my journalism colleagues “enemies of the people.”

A neighbor was invited to my party, but when he heard that I was a registered Democrat, he said he wasn’t coming. In his words, he didn’t want to be surrounded by a room full of demoncrats.

He got over it and attended my party after all. I’m sure he was happy to see that Republicans were well represented.

Now that Trump is out, I take no comfort in it. More than 80 million people voted for Biden, but more than 70 million voted for Trump. When I hear pundits say the voters have spoken, I don’t get a clear message about what the voters have said.

I especially don’t know what those who didn’t vote are thinking.

In Craven County, here’s the breakdown:

ChoiceTotal VotesPercentElection DayAbsentee One-StopAbsentee By-MailProvisional
Donald J. Trump31,03258.48%5,46522,3623,12085
Joseph R. Biden21,14839.85%2,35612,8125,93050
Source: Craven County Board of Elections

Using an either/or method of tracking votes, this is what Craven County looks like:

Source: Craven County Board of Elections

A more nuanced view of Craven County looks like this:

Craven County is a microcosm of the nation: the more concentrated the population, the more Democrat it tends to vote.

But during this period where one side vilifies the other, make no mistake: while your closest friends may be members of the same political party, your neighbors may not.

It is important that we get back to being neighbors and not political enemies.

As for me, now that my president no longer vilifies me, I will return to my original political registration: independent.


  1. Remember when a political csndidate of a certain party (she) called members of the “other” party Deplorables…name calling like political affiluation…works both ways

    1. Author

      I sure do remember that one time when one candidate referred to certain supporters of Trump. So how does that compare to the myriad times then-President Trump disparaged his political opponents and called on his supporters to take violent action against them, right up until two weeks ago.

      1. Have lost count of how many times those associated with GOP have been disparaged by the mighty House speaker..nut, alas, freedom of speech works both ways…even when we disagree…unfortunately those in the 49% of the electorate are not perceived as legit ot reputable by media when most of mefis falld in lock step with principles of the Dem party

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