Below is a message from the Mayors of the Towns on Bogue Banks:

Mayor of Atlantic Beach Trace Cooper

Mayor of Emerald Isle Eddie Barber

Mayor of Indian Beach Stewart Pickett

Mayor of Pine Knoll Shores Ken Jones

“In support of Governor Cooper’s executive order, designed to avoid any non-essential travel, we want to do more to discourage people from traveling to the beach during these 30 days.

“Restaurants are closed except for take out, bars are closed, non-essential businesses are closed, and both Fort Macon State Park and the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores are closed.

“With the weather warming, our first responders need to be focused on the current crisis, and not on water rescues. In support of Gov Cooper’s 30-day stay-at-home executive order, all four Towns will limit recreational water access beginning April 2, 2020.

“The beachfront is a good place to practice social distancing and to exercise, therefore the sandy beach strand will not be closed (walking, fishing, and very small groups of people will be allowed).

“However, during the Governor’s 30-day stay-at-home executive order, the Towns of Bogue Banks will prohibit swimming, surfing, kiting, and non-motorized recreational water access. All four beach Towns will fly double-red beach flags, which means the waters are closed.

“Travel from outside Carteret County is not essential travel — please do not travel here unless you meet the Governors Executive order criteria for essential activity. This advice also applies to Bogue Banks, do not cross our two bridges unless it is essential.

“The Towns of Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Indian Beach and Pine Knoll Shores are joining together to combat COVID-19; we need your help.

“If you do not NEED to come to Carteret County, please do not travel here during these 30 days. Please help us preserve the resources of our First Responders by NOT entering the ocean (per the above closures). Please respect the health and safety of everyone by abiding by the Governor’s executive order.

“Wash your hands, practice social distancing and stay safe!”

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