New Bern City Staff met Monday morning to discuss all the preparations that are going on ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Florence.

“We are on top of it and hope that you all are taking steps to secure your belongings and property,” said City Manager Mark Stephens. “This is the real deal and impacts in and around our city could be tremendous.”

Residents should expect widespread power outages and significant flooding in our low-lying areas as well as those near water.

Stephens urged residents who live in flood-prone areas to evacuate to family or friends who live outside the path of the storm or, if that is not possible, use shelters once they become available.

“Once the storm is affecting our area with significant winds, we will not be going in for rescues until it is safe for our crews to do so,” Stephens said. “It is our intent to begin staffing the EOC (Emergency Operations Center”) at noon on Wednesday and will be there throughout the duration of the storm event.

“We will continue to update our city website and social media outlets constantly to provide information for citizens as the storm progresses,” Stephens said.


  1. Will Trent Rd. Be on the list for flooding?

    1. Author

      Most of Trent Road is outside the flood zone, but there may be localized flooding depending on conditions.

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