3202 Neuse Blvd., the Howling Dog Saloon. Google Street View photo

The Board of Aldermen gave City Attorney Scott Davis direction to file a lawsuit if necessary that would permanently close down a New Bern bar that has been the location of shootings and fights.

The bar, the Howling Dog Saloon at 3202 Neuse Blvd., was the location of two shooting incidents, one in June that wounded two, and one in May 2017 that left one dead and two injured. A fight in August 2016 left a woman with a severe facial laceration.

ABC recently revoked the bar’s licenses. Davis sought permission to file a lawsuit that would not only permanently close Howling Dog Saloon, but would prevent 3202 Neuse Blvd. from being used as a bar in the future and prevent the operator of the Howling Dog Saloon from operating a bar elsewhere in the city.

Davis said the city has attempted to work with the owner to keep the peace at the location, without success.

The Howling Dog Saloon is also known as Flyers 69. The owner had also owned Flyers 70 at 4310 Highway 70 East (just outside city limits) and Flyers 55 on Highway 55 East in Pamlico County. Both of those bars are no longer in business.

The 3202 Neuse Blvd. location has been a neighborhood bar since it was built in 1965, according to county tax records. Davis said the owner of the building rents it to the bar operator, who he did not identify.


  1. NC Alcohol Law Enforcement took the permits from the owner. I know this because I did it. It was at the first of September.

  2. The picture of the bar in this article is quite a few years old, the bar on 70 closed a few years ago as did the one on 55 in pamlico.
    This bar has been closed for over a month now and whoever wrote this article needs to get their shit straight.

    1. Author

      The article already stated the bars on 70 and 55 are closed. Thanks for the update on the status of this bar. Consider our shit straightened.

  3. Could you also include how the owner or the employees are possibly connected any way, shape or form to the individuals shot or the individuals who did the shootings? Why blame the owner when it’s the patrons that commited the infractions. Are you saying any business that has a shooting or bad problems at all should be shut down? Or is this a personal vendetta against the owner of said establishment? Harvey? Bern? Half times? Btms? Blackbeards? All have had incidents. But I guess since it wasnt a bar located downtown it’s not protected by the city.

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