City is seeking a grant to create a new farmers market-type enterprise at the City Market location on First Street. No surprise there.

The city floated the idea years ago when it tried to move the existing Farmers Market from South Front Street to the City Market location. That’s how City Market got its name.

The city backed off a strong-arm approach amid a vigorous opposition from Farmers Market members and customers, and renewed the lease on the facility last year.

The city changed the name of the main building on the First Street property to the Volt Center and partnered with Craven Community College to hold classes there, but documents the city presented to the state for grant funding still called the property “City Market.”

Alderman Sabrina Bengel called it “duplicitous” and was upset that Farmers Market representatives have not been included in the discussion.

The City Market plan would create vendor stalls and food services. The original plan included a band stage.

Residents of the Ghent Neighborhood, which abuts City Market, have worried about the noise and impacts in their neighborhood a busy City Market would create.

City officials have dismissed their concerns.


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