Next week, Gov. Roy Cooper’s Executive Order 142 will expire, and normal utility billing practices, including fees/penalties/residential disconnects will resume.

Gov. Cooper has reinforced that customers’ bills are not being forgiven under his executive orders. Customers are still responsible for paying for all usage between March 31 and July 29 and will have a six-month period beginning July 30 to pay off unpaid balances that came due March 31-July 29.

It is essential that any customers who have accumulated balances during this time and are struggling to pay their utility bills – or those facing disconnection soon – contact the city as soon as possible to discuss a payment plan.

The governor’s executive orders, first issued on March 31, temporarily suspended residential utility service disconnections and waived penalties, fees, and interest on amounts due during the period.

Unpaid balances that came due before March 31 are subject to disconnection when the order expires July 29.

If you have accrued large balances and/or face disconnection on July 30, call 252-639-2750 today to set up a payment plan and make payment arrangements on any past due balances if you have not already done so.

Or you can complete an online request for a payment plan at: and click on “Request Payment Plan”.

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