The city is easing penalties for late utility payments in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

“The effects of this hurricane will be felt for some time to come as flooding and winds have caused widespread damage,” the city said in a news release. “We have had several calls regarding payment of utility bills during this event and we are expecting many customers will be relocating from their flooded or damaged homes.”

To ease the burden on our customers during this difficult time, the following actions are planned:

1. Late fees and delinquencies will be suspended until further notice, effectively extending the due date of all unpaid bills until such time as the City has recovered

2. Shutoffs for nonpayment will also be suspended until further notice

3. While shutoffs for nonpayment will be suspended, the city is pulling meters and cutting service to damaged properties by order of the Building Inspector.

4. New deposit assessments typically required for current City of New Bern customers/residents and their immediate families (those living in the same household) will be temporarily waived until Nov. 15. All new customers/residents locating from outside of the immediate area will continue to follow the requirements. City of New Bern, NC Police Department City of New Bern Department of Public Utilities City of New Bern Community & Economic Development

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