Protesters took positions along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in New Bern on Saturday afternoon, taking a stand against police brutality, oppression, and deadly force against African Americans that reached a fever pitch with the suffocation slaying of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week. The protest was peaceful, with participants with signs standing beside the street. Protests elsewhere, particularly larger cities including Minneapolis, New York, and Washington D.C., have turned violent and deadly. Demonstrators overtook police precinct stations in Minneapolis and New York, and tussled with Washington police and Secret Service at barricades outside the White House. In Minnesota, the governor there mobilizedRead More →

Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes issued the following statement: “The heinous act perpetrated on George Floyd was reprehensible. The video clearly shows a Minneapolis Police Officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck until the life left his body. I am disgusted by what I saw, a man clearly under the control of police, begging for his life as bystanders pleaded with the officers to allow him to breathe. “As law enforcement professionals, we must set aside our fears, concerns and worries about speaking out against what we know to be wrong and hold ourselves and each other to a higher standard. Remaining silent only serves toRead More →