Beginning March 10, CARTS will begin experimental routes to assist employees getting to and from their place of employment in Craven County.

This program is the first of many steps, as transportation to and from work has been a significant factor in workforce development.

During this is a temporary program, CARTS will collect data in order to determine if permanent routes can be established in Craven County. One area of interest being the Craven County Industrial Park.

“When it comes to workforce development, transportation has been identified as a major issue. This unconventional approach is just one of many ways that Craven 100 Alliance and Craven County are collaborating to meet the needs of our employers,” said Owen Andrews, Craven 100 Alliance Chairman.

To initiate the application process, employees should contact their Human Resource managers in which they will provide CARTS with the employee’s information.

CARTS will then evaluate the location of the employee’s residence within the county to determine if federal or state funding could offset the fare of the employee.

With matching funds from Craven 100 Alliance, CARTS was awarded a grant from the N.C. Department of Transportation to support this program.

On Monday, March 2, at 9 a.m., CARTS will host a public meeting to discuss the program at the N.C. Cooperative Extension Craven County Center at 300 Industrial Drive, New Bern.

“After hearing about our employer’s needs for transportation, we were fortunate enough to have CARTS, a public transportation solution provider that typically only bigger communities have,” said Jack B. Veit, III, Craven County manager.

For more information, please contact Kelly Walker at 252-636-4917 or email or visit their website.

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