By Karyn Seltzer, for New Bern Post: “The Bridges at Union Point” is the 11th novel from Les Pendleton and the first I’ve read by this local author. I’m always searching for a good story and I’m glad I was introduced to Pendleton. I will continue to read his books in succession.

This novel, the most recent addition to the Pendleton library, is set in New Bern, and contains references to many local businesses, their owners, and local citizens. Being a New Bern resident, I felt a special connection to the setting and characters.

The “Union Point” journey, which spans from in 1986 to the present, follows 13-year-old Jimmy Harrison and his best friend, Alan Gleeson, two daring youths on one of their daredevil adventures: a dangerous mission that will set the course of Jimmy’s decisions and future.

The storyline moves through the years of Jimmy’s life in a smooth pace that is perfect for the reader understand and enjoy the storylines, and it lingers just long enough for the reader to capture the edge-of-your-seat action and suspense—and there was plenty of action and suspense.

I was drawn in by Jimmy’s sadness, the love story he shared with the leading lady, Jimmy’s heroic actions, the turbulent outcome of his decisions, and the fight of his life. The characters were introduced so vividly I feel I’ve met them and I now I miss them as I would a family member or close friend.

While this genre-hopping book was packed with suspense, action, and sorrow, I ultimately regard it as a beautiful love story.
Consider this review my recommendation.

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