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October 23, 2018 Agenda Explanations

  • Meeting opened by Mayor Dana E. Outlaw. Prayer Coordinated by Alderman Aster. Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Roll Call.

Consent Agenda

  • Consider Approving a Proclamation for Coastal Plain’s Lights On After School.

Taylor Shannon, Special Events and Marketing Coordinator for Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain, has requested a proclamation acknowledging “Lights on Afterschool Day”.

  • Approve Minutes.

Minutes from the October 9, 2018 regular meeting are provided for review and approval.

  • Conduct a Public Hearing and Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving a Development Agreement with Weyerhaeuser NR Company for WEST New Bern.

(Ward 5) Weyerhaeuser NR Company is developing an approximately 575-acre mixed-use development that will be known as WEST New Bern. A development agreement between the City and developer, Weyerhaeuser NR Company, will

establish responsibilities pertaining to utility delivery, phasing, and design standards during the construction of the property. A public hearing has been called for and properly noticed to receive public comments on the proposed agreement. After hearing those comments, the Board is asked to consider approving the development agreement. A brief memo from Jeff Ruggieri, Director of Development Services, is attached along with a copy of the agreement and information on the development.

  • Discussion on Redirecting Capital Funds Budgeted for in the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Electric Fund.

The adopted budget for FY2019 includes $180,000 in the Electric Fund to replace a bucket truck. Charlie Bauschard, Director of Public Utilities, has expressed a greater need for a skid steer with accessories to clear heavily vegetated areas and a mini excavator to excavate hard-to-reach sites. The combined cost of these two items is less than the bucket truck with the skid steer estimated at $107,000 and the mini excavator $45,000. Board approval is sought to redirect the budgeted funds for the purchase of these two items. The intent is to request funding in the FY2020 to replace the bucket truck. A memo from J.R. Sabatelli, Director of Finance, is attached.

  • Consider Approving the 2019 Holiday Calendar.

In accordance with the Personnel Ordinance, the City of New Bern Holiday Schedule must be approved annually by the Board of Aldermen. The proposed schedule reflects the observance of 14 holidays during 2019. Of note, this schedule mirrors the holidays to be observed by Craven County.

  • Consider Approving the 2019 Board of Alderman Meeting Roster.

Each year, the Board approves an annual meeting roster. The City Charter provides for regular meetings to be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month beginning at 6 p.m. The proposed meeting dates are identified on the attached roster and include two scheduled budget work sessions. An annual retreat is not reflected on the roster, as that date is usually selected by the Board early in the calendar year.

  • Appointment(s).
  • Kristen Culler resigned from her appointment to Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow. The Board is asked to make a new appointment to replace Mrs. Culler.
  • Kenneth Brown’s appointment on the Board of Adjustment has expired. He has served two consecutive terms and is ineligible to serve another term at this time. Alderman Best is asked to make an appointment to replace Mr. Brown.
  • Lois Jamison’s appointment on the Board of Adjustment has expired. She has served two consecutive terms and is ineligible to serve another term at this time. Alderman Kinsey is asked to make an appointment to replace Ms. Jamison.
  • Attorney’s Report.
  • City Manager’s Report.
  • New Business.
  • Closed Session.
  • Adjourn.

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