DECEMBER 11, 2018 — 6:00 P. M.


1. Meeting opened by Mayor Dana E. Outlaw. Prayer Coordinated by Alderman Best. Pledge of

2. Roll

3. Request and Petition of Citizens 

This section of the Agenda is titled Requests and Petitions of Citizens. This is an opportunity for public comment, and we thank you for coming to the Board of Aldermen meeting tonight to share your views. We value all citizen input.

Speaker comments are limited to a maximum of 4 minutes during the public comment period. At the conclusion of 4 minutes, each speaker shall leave the podium. Comments will be directed to the full board, not to an individual board member or staff member. Although the board is interested in hearing your comments, speakers should not expect any comments, action or deliberation from the board on any issue raised during the public comment period.

In the board’s discretion, it may refer issues to the appropriate city officials or staff for further investigation. If an organized group is present to speak on a common issue, please designate one person to present the group’s comment, which shall be limited to a maximum of 4 minutes.

Consent Agenda

4. Consider Adopting a Resolution Closing Specific Streets for Christ Episcopal Church Community Christmas

 (Ward 1) John Haroldson, Event Coordinator, has requested the 300 block of Pollock Street be closed on December 20, 2018 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for Christ Episcopal Church’s community Christmas caroling. A memo from Foster Hughes, Director of Parks and Recreation, is attached.

5. Consider Adopting a Revised Resolution Closing Specific Streets for the Beary Merry Christmas Sledding Shopping Event.

 (Ward 1) On November 13, 2018, the Board adopted a resolution to close streets and authorize the use of City-owned lots for the Beary Merry Christmas Sledding Shopping event on December 9, 2018. The weather forecast for December 9th calls for rain. As a result, Amanda Banks, Event Chair, has requested the event be moved to December 22, 2018. Additionally, she has asked that the 300 block of South Front Street be closed instead of the original location at the 200 block of Craven Street. A memo from Foster Hughes is attached.

6. Approve Minutes.

Minutes from the November 27, 2018 regular meeting are provided for review and approval.


7. Presentation of School Essay Contest Winners

The New Bern Police Department and Craven County Schools held its 7th Annual Essay Contest. One of the contest winners will be in attendance to read their essay, and all winners in attendance will be acknowledged and extended a handshake of appreciation from the Governing Board.

8. Appointment of Mayor Pro Tempore for 2019 and Administration of Oath.

 Section 2.4 of the City’s Charter provides that at the first meeting in December, the Board of Aldermen will choose one of its members as Mayor Pro Tempore to serve a one-year term. The mayor pro tempore shall perform the duties of the Mayor during his absence or disability as prescribed by the Charter and the General Statutes.

9. Conduct a Public Hearing, Consider Adopting a Statement of Zoning Consistency, and Consider Adopting an Ordinance to Rezone Three Tracts of Land Identified as Tax Parcels 7-105-17001, 7-105-15000 and 7-105-15001 from A-5 Agricultural District to R-8 Residential.

(Ward 3) Thomas Engineering, agent for Nolan Commercial Contractors, LLC, has requested to have three tracts of property identified as tax parcels 7-105-17001, 7- 105-15000 and 7-105-15001 rezoned from A-5 Agricultural District to R-8 Residential. The property is located to the west of Old Airport Road and to the south of Bettye Gresham Road and jointly consist of approximately 72.23 acres. The Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously 7-0 on November 13, 2018 to approve the request. State statute and local ordinance require the Governing Board to hold a public hearing to receive comments on rezoning requests, and this hearing

has been duly advertised. After conducting the hearing, the Board is requested to adopt a statement of zoning consistency and then consider approving the ordinance to rezone the property. A memo from Morgan Potts, City Planner, is attached along with a map of the subject property.

10. Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving a lease Agreement with NC Coastal land Trust for Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden.

(Ward 2) On August 27, 2013, the Board adopted a resolution approving a 64- month lease with the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust for 1.21 acres of Henderson Park, which is located at 940 Chapman Street. The land has been utilized by the Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden to operate a community garden. The garden assists disabled veterans through the use of horticulture therapy, and it assists disadvantaged or homeless veterans with transitional employment. The lease expired on November 30, 2018, and Lovay Wallace-Singleton, Executive Director of the Garden, is seeking another lease for a 60-month term at a rate of $1.00 per year. The intent to consider the lease has been duly advertised as required by state statute.

11. Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving the Sale of 570 NC Hwy.

(Ward 5) An offer of $6,750.00 was received from Edwin B. Franklin, Sr. for the purchase of 570 NC Hwy. 55 W. The offer was advertised as required by law, but no additional bids were received. The parcel is a vacant lot with a tax value of

$13,500.00, and Mr. Franklin’s offer represents 50% of that value. The property was acquired jointly by the City and Craven County through tax foreclosure in May of 2017. The total taxes due to both taxing authorities was $4,860.56. In December 2017, the County transferred its interest in the property to the City. The City subsequently demolished a structure that was on the property due to its deteriorated state and asbestos contamination. As the sole property owner, the cost of $7,354.00 for demolition was paid by the City. If the sale of the property is approved, the City will receive full proceeds less the cost of advertising the offer. A memo from Brenda Blanco, City Clerk, is attached.

12. Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving a Supplemental Agreement with NC Department of Transportation Regarding Improvements on Trent

(Ward 2) In 1995, the City and NCDOT entered into an agreement whereby certain state-owned roads would be turned over to the City. One of those roads included Trent Road. As part of the agreement, NCDOT was to complete specific improvements and resurface the road. At this time, NCDOT has completed all of the drainage improvements, but has not completed the resurfacing. The agreement provides NCDOT will pay the City a lump sum of $44,714 in lieu of resurfacing approximately 1,000 linear feet of Trent Road. Public Works has reviewed this offer and feels the lump sum payment is sufficient to cover the cost of resurfacing the area. A memo from Matt Montanye, Director of Public Works, is attached.

13. Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving an Audit Contract Amendment for Fiscal Year Ending June 30,

 On May 8, 2018, the Board approved a contract with Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC to perform the City’s audit for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2018. The terms of the contract provided the audit report would be due on October 31, 2018. Since Hurricane Florence, City staff has been working on recovery efforts and with FEMA on claims arising from the hurricane. Staff has also been in the middle of an ERP conversion. While the City did not lose any records, the hurricane and ERP conversion have prevented staff from finalizing schedules to complete the audit. The Board is asked to consider approving an amendment to the contract to extend the audit due date to December 31, 2018. A memo from J.R. Sabatelli, Director of Finance, is attached.

14. Consider Adopting a Budget Ordinance Amendment for the FY2018-19 Operating Budget.

This budget amendment appropriates $266,460 to the Police Department for upgrades to the New Word computer-aided dispatch software. The Emergency Telephone System Fund has already appropriated $60,000 toward the cost, which brings the total estimated project to $326,460. The additional $266,460 will be paid by an increase in debt proceeds. Additionally, the budget amendment appropriates

$66,000 to E911 for the upgrade to the 911 call-recording system. This appropriation will be offset by an increase in fund balance appropriated. A memo from Mr. Sabatelli is attached.

15. Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving a Declaration of Intent to Reimburse for FY2018-19 Capital Purchases.

The adopted budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19 included the purchase of several capital items. As a result, the Board adopted a resolution approving a Declaration of Intent to Reimburse on July 10, 2018 for an amount not to exceed $1,149,075. However, the amount has increased by $266,460 for the upgrade to the Police Department’s computer-aided dispatch system. The declaration of intent has been revised to reflect a new total of $1,415,535. A memo from Mr. Sabatelli is attached.

16. Consider Adopting an Amendment to the Grant Project Ordinance for the Hurricane Florence Fund.

On October 9, 2018, the Hurricane Florence grant fund was established with an initial budget of $4.4 million. As recovery efforts, repairs, replacements and mitigation costs continue to increase, additional funding may be needed. At this time, an additional $3.6 million is required to allow the recovery efforts to continue. A memo from Mr. Sabatelli is attached.

17. Appointment(s).

Esther Hardin’s term on the New Bern-Craven County Public Library expired on December 1, 2018. Ms. Hardin has moved out of the area and is not interested in reappointment. The Board is asked to make an appointment to fill this seat. The appointee will serve a six-year term.

18. Attorney’s Report.

19. City Manager’s

20. New Business

21. Closed


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