A 20-car caravan of vehicles of all shapes and sizes surprised many neighbors in Trent Woods this past weekend. 

The trucks and cars were festively decked-out with U.S. flags and various “Biden-Harris,” “Veterans for Biden” and other patriotic messages. 

Drivers waved and honked horns at folks who waved in support, and also at those who booed and made “thumbs down” and other gestures when the parade wound through the entire area for over 2 1/2 hours on Sunday.  

One driver noted that a homeowner waved with glee from her home on a circle near Trent Woods Town Hall.  When she realized it wasn’t a Trump caravan she quickly ran inside her home, leaving her huge “Trump” flag-adorned porch empty. 

“Apparently there are some people who forget that the U.S. flag still belongs to all Americans and no one party can claim to be more patriotic than the other,” said one participant. “No one should be surprised at the increase in patriotism that is sweeping the nation.”

The Trent Woods Democrats have become more visible in recent weeks with the upcoming election now only two weeks away.  The uptick in COVID-19 numbers has some wary of voting, however the voter numbers being recorded at both the downtown New Bern and Berne Square voting areas is up significantly from 2016. 

Bern Square is the better option for parking, especially those needing drive-up voting.

Some of about 20 vehicles that participated in a rally for presidential candidate Joe Biden in Trent Woods. Contributed photo
Vehicles line up for a rally in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden in Trent Woods on Saturday. Contributed photo


  1. It makes me proud to see Veterans standing up for candidates who DO think they are WINNERS!

  2. Why no story about Fairfield Harbour Trump golf cart,trucks, cars and motorcyle train? We have have more than 80 participants at a time! We do it every weekend!

  3. We have a great Trump train in Fairfield Harbour every weekend. Why hasn’t anyone written about that? We had up to 77 vehicles a couple of weeks ago!

  4. I wish I had known this was happening because I CERTAINLY would have joined!

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