Long time New Bern resident and novelist, Les Pendleton, announced the release of a new book, “The Bridges at Union Point.”

Most of the characters depicted in the book are actual residents of New Bern. Names familiar to most people are Greg Smith of Mitchell Hardware, Paul Canady of Christ Episcopal Church, and Les Still of WCTI television.

There are many other places and people that Les feels gives an aura of realism to the story. The plot involves a decorated United States Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer from New Bern who is critically injured during a rescue.

He loses his career and much of his physical prowess. He returns to his hometown to try and reconstruct his life. In true Craven County fashion, the town and its citizens embrace him and offer whatever help they can. Even though severely handicapped, his heart is still full of courage and he thrusts himself into one last dramatic rescue, to save the woman he has loved his entire life.

Les says “New Bern is my chosen home. In the motion picture industry, I worked all over the United States and Canada. I’ve never found another place like our town. It’s combination of beauty, history, climate and welcoming people is unbeatable. I’ve always said, ‘if you live a good life, try to do what’s right and pass away tonight, you’ll just wake up in New Bern tomorrow.’ I love this place and wanted for years to write a novel that not only featured our town but also captured that feeling of community that infuses this city. I hope my book accomplishes that. It’s an epic adventure but it’s also a story of tragedy, perseverance and hope.”

The novel “Bridges at Union Point” went on sale in December 2020 in stores throughout New Bern including Mitchell Hardware, The Galley Store, Carolina Creations and The Boathouse. It is also available at The Inland Waterway Provision Company in Oriental, Scuttlebutts in Beaufort, and Emerald Isle Books & Toys.

You can order online through Amazon as either a paperback or an e-book.

Another book by Les Pendleton entitled “Sea of Greed,” co-written with retired North Carolina Court of Appeals Justice J. Douglas McCullough will become a major motion picture in 2021.

Sprockefeller Pictures will begin filming on this project in early spring 2021. Sprockefeller Pictures has recently featured such notables as Mel Gibson, Tommy Lee Jones, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson in their productions.

“Sea of Greed” is the story of the largest drug bust in United States history that led to the the invasion of Panama and the arrest of Panamanian President Manuel Noriega.


  1. Awesome author of another epic novel set in New Bern, NC. Once you start reading “The Bridges at Union Point” prepare to not put it down until finished.
    Congrats to my friend Les Pendleton.

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