Christy Hazlett will continue her tenure as an assistant principal at HJ MacDonald School effective Aug. 31, 2020.

Hazlett is a New Bern native and graduated from West Craven High School in 1995.  This is her ninth year in education and all of her time has been spent with Craven County Schools.  

She has taught kindergarten, fifth, sixth and seventh grade.  

During her career in education she has served as a Kenan Fellows Master Teacher, a member of the Governor’s Teacher Network, an advocate for public education with the Hope Street Group Fellows and was Craven County Schools Teacher of the Year during the 2016-17 school year.

When asked to share about her educational background and experiences, Hazlett said, “My heart is in this for the kids. I was once asked to define my job in education with three words.  My response, ‘Best. Job. Ever.’  This is such a beautiful career to have because we educate students in academics and character. We are shaping young minds to be future leaders. I cannot think of a greater opportunity or more rewarding gift than being an educator.  As I transition into my new role as Assistant Principal at ‘THE HJ’, I hope to work alongside our amazing staff to create the most magical and meaningful experiences for our students while allowing our community and beyond to see the greatness that exists in public education.”

She recently received her Master’s in School Administration from East Carolina University and is in the process of applying for a PhD in Education program with an emphasis in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation.  Mrs. Hazlett and her husband, Daniel, have four children between them and share that their happiest moments are when they are all together as a family.

Christy Hazlett

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