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  1. Meeting opened by Mayor Dana E. Outlaw. Prayer Coordinated by Alderwoman Harris. Pledge of
  2. Roll

Consent Agenda

  1. Consider Adopting a Proclamation Acknowledging Constitution Week.

    On behalf of the Richard Dobbs Spaight Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Nancy Melling has requested a proclamation recognizing September 17- 23, 2018 as Constitution Week.

  2. Approve


  1. Presentation on Preliminary Plans for Use of Grant Funds Received for Martin Marietta Park.

    (Ward 5) As announced at the last meeting, the City has been award the NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant in the amount of $ 475,000 for use at Martin Marietta Park. Foster Hughes, Director of Parks and Recreation, will make a presentation to describe how the funds will be used for the installation of infrastructure and specific amenities.

  2. Discussion of Part-Time Animal Control Officer.

    A status update was provided to the Board at its August 28th meeting with respect to the hiring of a part-time Animal Control Officer. Chief Summers will provide a further update as to the status.

  3. Consider Adopting a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a NC Department of Transportation Grant Agreement on behalf of the New Bern Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

    On behalf of the New Bern Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the City has been identified as the direct recipient of Section 5303 Federal Transit Administration Urban Planning Funds. These funds are managed by NCDOT’s Public Transportation Division. In order to receive the funds, the Board of Aldermen must adopt a resolution authorizing the City Manager to sign a grant agreement with NCDOT. The total allocation for FY2018- 19 is $ 25,000, which reflects Federal and State share of $22, 500 and a local share of $2, 500. The local share will be provided by the jurisdictions participating in the New Bern Area MPO as follows: New Bern $ 1, 387.00; River Bend $ 148.50; Trent Woods $ 203.50; Bridgeton $ 21. 00; and Craven County $ 740.00. Pursuant to a MOU, the local shares are based on percentages of the 2010 Urbanized Area population data and will not change until after the next decennial census. A memo from Kim Maxey, MPO Administrator, is attached.

  4. Consider Adopting a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Sign a Grant Contract with NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

    (Ward 3) The City previously applied for the 2017 Recreational Trails Program Grant through the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and was notified on November 30, 2016, that it had been approved in the amount of$ 56,000. Staff recently received the grant contract, which requires a cash match of$ 14,000. This makes the total contract amount $70,000. The grant funds will be used

  5. Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving a Revised Schedule of Maximum Speed Limits as Defined in Section 70-132 through 70-135 of the New Bern Code of Ordinances.

    (Ward 5) After months of negotiations with the NC Department of Transportation DOT”), DOT has has agreed to reduce the speed limit along NC Hwy. 55 in the Pleasant Hill community from 55 mph to 45 mph from a point being 0.60 miles east of SR1005 (Old NC Hwy. 70) to the intersection of NC Hwy. 43. It is proposed that the Schedule of Maximum Speed Limits be revised to incorporate this change. A memo from Matt Montanye, Director of Public Works, is attached along with a map that depicts the changes.

  6. Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving the Installation of Additional Street Lights Near Duffy Street

    (Ward 5) Residents have requested additional street lighting in the area of Duffy Street. Upon evaluating this request, it was determined the area does not meet the City’s lighting standards. The Electric Department has estimated costs associated with the installation of additional lighting to be $ 1, 464.08. A monthly cost of 8.44 will be incurred by Public Works for the utility bills. Please refer to the attached memo from Charles Bauschard, Director of Public Utilities, for any additional information.

  7. Consider Adopting a Budget Ordinance Amendment Acknowledging the 2018 Entitlement Cities

    In 2013, the Board adopted a resolution authorizing staff to pursue CDBG Entitlement City status with the US Department of HUD, which would allow the City to receive funds through an annual allocation instead of competing with other small cities and counties for funding. The City received designation as an Entitlement City in 2014 and receives ongoing annual funding through the program. The most recent funding allocated to the City is in the amount of $ 223,934. This budget ordinance amendment will recognize these funds. A memo from J. R. Sabatelli, Director of Finance, is attached.

  8. Appointment( s).

    Kristen Culler, the former Assistant City Manager, resigned from her appointment to Allies for Cherry Point’s Tomorrow. The Board is asked to make a new appointment to replace Mrs. Culler. Culler left the city to take a position at FRC East.

  9. Attorney’s
  10. City Manager’s
  11. New
  12. Closed Session


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