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Advertising on makes sense. New Bern Post readers are local and engaged members of the community. They are highly educated and good income earners. In short, New Bern Post’s audience is highly targeted for local businesses.

The total number of January 2019 visitors to was 8,662 and 12,245 page views. This was typical for an average month for this growing local news website. Of those page views, 8,657 came from Facebook followers and 2,458 came from search engines. The vast majority of New Bern Post traffic comes from within Craven County.

Traffic increases substantially during particularly newsworthy events or with particularly engaging single articles.

For example, in September, New Bern Post was the only local news site still live and actively covering the hurricane as it happened. September had 31,191 page views and 22,207 visitors.

Traffic is also affected by particularly engaging single articles. The most-viewed articles have resulted in 11,000-14,000 page views each. This is not typical, however. Typical well-viewed articles result in between 2,000-4,000 page views.

New Bern Post traffic is not artificially inflated by click bait like mugshots or canned “5 things you need to know about …” articles. All content is locally sourced and locally relevant.


  • Exclusive Top of Home Page placement: $20 per day
  • Non-exclusive Home Page placement: $5 per day
  • Exclusive on-article placement: $50 per thousand page views
  • Non-exclusive placement: $10 per thousand page views

Existing advertisers will be notified of high-traffic opportunities as they become available. 

Priority for exclusive placement is given to existing clients, then on a first come, first served basis. 

Non-exclusive advertising may be preempted by exclusive advertising content. In those cases, non-exclusive advertising will be charged only for the amount of time online.

One day is defined as each 24 hours following initial placement.

Terms: Homepage placement fee is payable in advance by check or PayPal. On-article placement will be billed weekly, payable within 10 days, by check or PayPal.

Content must be clearly identified as advertising.

$20 per hour charge for ad production services. No additional fee for camera ready advertising.

 For more information, email Randy Foster by clicking here.



February 4th, 2019 by newbernpostadmin