Another 17 patients have tested positive for COVID-19 at a New Bern skilled nursing facility since Tuesday, bringing the total there to 55 infected patients at a facility where there are 116 beds.

PruittHealth-Trent, located at 836 Hospital Drive in New Bern, has been ravaged by the virus, which has claimed the lives of two of its patients. Sixteen staff members at the facility have also tested positive, although that number has remained stable since shortly after the outbreak there.

In all, 71 people have tested positive for the virus at PruittHealth-Trent.

Case numbers have remained stable at three other skilled nursing facilities in Craven County where COVID-19 cases have emerged.

The Craven County Health Department reported 727 total lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19. Nine are hospitalized and 198 cases are active. It ties the highest number of hospitalizations and breaks the record for highest number of active cases.

Of the 727 cases, 12 were related to out-of-state travel, 148 are from community transmission of unknown origin, 513 are from direct contact with a previously confirmed positive, and 54 are under investigation.




  1. It appears that this site gives little New Bern information other than Covid-19 negative news. Problems with the virus need to be reported but there must be something else that can be considered news – and, God forbid – good news!

    1. Author
    2. New Bern Post is always available to help spread valid news of all sorts. Read the site before you make stupid comments just because part of what they report is something you don’t want to hear about.

  2. It is inexcusable for the Agency on Healthcare Accreditation (AHCA) to have allowed this to continue. Y’all need to get an epidemiologist in there.

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