Secretary of Revenue Ronald G. Penny announced today that the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) is expanding tax relief as part of Governor Roy Cooper’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The NCDOR will not impose penalties for late filing or payments of many tax types, including sales and use and withholding taxes, through July 15. The NCDOR previously announced tax relief for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, and estates. “These measures will come as welcome tax relief for individuals and businesses across North Carolina,” Penny said. “We are providing the maximum flexibility under existing state law.” In the notice issued today, the NCDOR announced thatRead More →

Governor Roy Cooper today announced another step to help families by prohibiting utilities from disconnecting people who are unable to pay during this pandemic. Today’s Order applies to electric, gas, water and wastewater services for the next 60 days.  The Order directs utilities to give residential customers at least six months to pay outstanding bills and prohibits them from collecting fees, penalties or interest for late payment. Telecommunication companies that provide phone, cable and internet services are strongly urged to follow these same rules.  “This action is particularly important since tomorrow is the first of the month, and I know that’s a date many familiesRead More →

WalletHub | Coronavirus isn’t just a danger to Americans’ health. It’s also a menace to our wallets. It’s led to the closing of scores of non-essential events and businesses, hurting the livelihood of many people. The U.S. stock market has lost over 20 percent of its value, and the U.S. government was forced to pass a $2 trillion stimulus package. Some of the main features of the plan include sending checks to Americans, giving loans to businesses and providing extra funding for hospitals. Hopefully, this aid will start to turn the economic downturn around in a time when the number of unemployment insurance claims being filed is rising sharply. Some statesRead More →

With news of two more cases bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases in Craven County to six, the growth rate here is starting to resemble the same trajectory that is characteristic of novel coronavirus outbreaks around the world. The first four cases in Craven County could be explained as being contracted from outside the community. However, the latest two cases seem to have been contracted from within Craven County. That means the virus is out in the community and could be wide-spread. It takes several days for symptoms to emerge after contracting COVID-19, during which time the individual is contagious. Symptoms vary widely, fromRead More →

The fifth and sixth cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in Craven County, and constitute Craven County’s first confirmed cases of community transmission. Community transmission means there is spread of an illness for which the source of infection is unknown. Both cases are adults who were tested at private physician offices in Craven County.   The tests were sent to LabCorp for testing. These confirmed cases were reported to the Craven County Health Department on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, by state health officials. The individuals from each case have been in isolation since symptom onset and are recovering at home.  Due toRead More →

The number of COVID-19 cases in Craven County increased to five, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The Craven County Health Department has not issued a news release about this fifth case. This article will be updated once that information is made available. An employee at Carolina Orthopedics Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy tested positive for COVID-19. Carolina Orthopedics has offices in New Bern and Jacksonville, and a news release from them said the employee’s last day at either of their offices was Friday, March 20, 2020. The employee is a resident of Pitt County and is recovering at home. ItRead More →

An employee at a physical therapy provider with offices in New Bern and Jacksonville tested positive for COVID-19. Carolina Orthopedics Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy was informed Friday, March 27, 2020, that one of its employees tested positive for COVID-19. The staff member’s last day at either of their offices was Friday, March 20, 2020. The employee, who works in the New Bern office at 738 Newman Road, New Bern, and in the Jacksonville office at 201 Williamsburg Parkway, Jacksonville, has been in isolation since Monday, March 23, 2020, and is recovering at home in Pitt County. “At Carolina Orthopedics, the safety and well beingRead More →

The fourth case of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been confirmed in Craven County. The individual who tested positive for COVID-19 is an adult who recently moved to Craven County from out of state.   This individual was tested on March 25, 2020, through the drive-up COVID-19 test site at the Craven County Health Department and that test was sent to the North Carolina State Lab of Public Health. This confirmed case was reported to the Craven County Health Department on Friday, March 27, 2020, by state health officials. The individual has been in isolation since symptom onset and is recovering at home.   CravenRead More →

On Friday, March 27, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 121, ordering North Carolinians to remain in their homes except for performing essential work and essential activities such as taking care of others, obtaining necessary supplies, and for health and safety purposes. This Stay at Home Order will help slow the spread of COVID-19 and prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed by keeping individuals from being exposed to the virus and keeping those who have the virus from spreading it to others. Below are frequently asked questions and answers. In addition, individuals should check with local governments to determine whether additional restrictions haveRead More →

Here is an exchange of emails from a friend in New Jersey. It started when I sent an email asking her how she and her family were holding up. She responded and I asked if she would allow me to run it on New Bern Post. Here is what I asked: Thanks for the update. I wonder if you would let me post this on my website, I think it would be educational for our community leaders, who don’t seem to understand the severity of the problem that lies ahead over the next few weeks. I could post it with or without identifying youRead More →